John Eckhardt – Double bass/Bass guitar

John Eckhardt is a versatile chamber musician and improviser. His work both as a double bass soloist and ensemble musician continue to lead him to international venues and festivals. His solo CD “Xylobiont” (PSI rec.) and his recordings of various kinds of contemporary music such as Xenakis’ seminal masterpiece “Theraps” (Mode rec.) found worldwide recognition. In addition, he is involved in a number of club music, drone and multimedia projects as a bass guitarist and composer. John lives within hearing distance of the Hamburg harbor.
From the lower hearing threshold into the ether, between silence and sound system, from the stone age to tomorrow: John Eckhardt has dedicated his life to bass. A passionate exploration of contrasting sound worlds that appreciates curiosity, learning and personal experience. And only two decades in diverse musical environments allow John Eckhardt to inhabit secret spaces between them, where new patterns of culture and nature reveal themselves in the electricity between Xenakis and Dub, kick drum envelope and opera pizzicato, between hearing as culture and hearing as a primal sense of orientation.
A number of John Eckhardt’s different projects share a contemplative, spatial and organic sound, and are produced in modes transcending dichotomies such as composition and improvisation, tradition and experiment, history and today. The quest for a music emphasizing bass, space and time fuels hyper acoustic improvisation as well as immersive architectures of sub bass and digital delay. The musical shapes emerging are the expression of an approach that looks for a natural balance of observation and action and of careful preparation and real time chaos.
John Eckhardt play double bass with the oh ton-ensemble since 2003.

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Photo © by K. Bethge

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